Write this! Get your creative HHr muses going and start a challenge, enter one, or simply get out of your writer's block. Feel free to create any challenge you like, but keep it HHr, of course.
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  • TheTent100
    Here, Hollow members can create or write 100-word drabble challenges, open to all writers. 100-word stories are just that- about 100 words long (about 4 sentences, give or take) Going over or under won't get you avada kedavra'd though. : )

    You can write about HHr, or Harry and Hermione individually. It doesn't have to be romantic but it SHOULD NOT involve other ships. AU and canon-related ideas are both good. Be as creative as you want!

    New writers welcome! Challenges never close, so all past challenges remain open for your interpretation. Be sure to respond to each challenge in its own thread (as a response).

    Prompts are welcome! I would love to write for someone else's prompt so I hope the Tent challenge will be popular. Feel free to respond to challenges more than once. Maybe you have more than one idea...

    Have Fun!
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  • Forget the Epilogue Fanfic Challenge
    Here you can challenge your other forummates to create HHr fics based on a post-Deathly Hallows part 2/epilogue world. Did Harry and Hermione have an affair? Did you have a specific idea that you'd like another writer to try and write for you? Want to forget the epilogue ever happened?

    Feel free to post as many challenges as you like, as long as they follow the basic idea that it's post- DH part 2/epilogue. No Hogwart-era fics. Be specific with your challenge rules!

    Please remember that this is for longer fics. Post drabble challenges in TheTent100 section.
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  • Longer Challenges
    Here you can post longer HHr challenges that are more complicated, or more than just the simple 100 word challenges of The Tent.
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