I'd never heard this song before, but I've recently begun watching Buffy and the episode it aired in played the other day. I LOVE this song! I also heard it in this fantastic movie named 'The Sweet Hereafter'. But it was such a hard song to try and make a video out of. So instead, I decided that there is just so much fanart out there....really fantastic art from really talented people... and I thought it would be a perfect way to not only put their art on display but to put their art to music and show some really great emotion. Many, MANY thank you's to the artists who so graciously let me use their artwork for this video, including: Muddgutts and Esicardi, both from the Portkey galleries. Gwendy from Quills and Spills, Yethro from Deviant Art, and Mei and Kristin from their personal sites. (I think I may have forgotten someone unintentionally! I think I lost the e-mail. If you see your art here please e-mail me immediately and I'll be sure to credit you!!!) You've all inspired me so much!