Attention all monkeys and hateful simple bitches: Your lame flames... I'm sorry... your awesome opinions...have not only been tossed, but also laughed at. And mocked. But mostly laughed at by me. And God. So please bother someone else with your fuckery. If you're such a dumbass that you can't stop yourself from flaming me... you deserve what you get. Here's some other need-to-know:

  • The mails/guestbook entries are completely unedited, with the exception of my omiting the name/email addy of the idiot who wrote it. I haven't added anything to the mails to make these people seem dumber than they are. In fact, I'm not sure if that would be possible.

  • Mugglenet has a similar section like this, called the "Wall of Shame," which is hilarious and I highly recommend visiting. While our sections are different, the setup is similar. I want to make sure credit goes to Mugglenet, though, in case anyone thinks I snurtched that idea. I really didn't! I just think everyone should see these mails because they're hilarious!

  • If you haven't read the site FAQ by now, well ...just... ::sighs::.

  • It's not about your grammar, spelling or anything else that I'm just as guilty of doing. If you don't get it, I'm too tired to explain it to you.

  • I DO NOT hate RHr/HG shippers, or any other kind of shipper. I hate flamers. I can't stop people from flaming but your anti-HHr opinion does not belong on my site! This section exists to display how dumb ALL flamers are and hopefully helps to curb the behavior. I hate flamers of all kinds... RHr, HHr, DH,...um,...and whatever-the-hell-else you guys all ship.

  • Mails from the same individuals over and over that state how much they hate visiting my site every time they come really confuse me. Why do you keep coming here? Is the title, 'HARRYLOVESHERMIONE.COM' somehow vague as to what type of site this is?

  • If you've never actually visited my site- and by visiting I mean having looked around and read some content for more than 5 seconds- then please stop making yourself look stupid by asking me why I've never read the books or seen the movies, why I hate RHr/HG shippers, or why I'm an HHr shipper when it's obvious that it won't happen, etc. Asking me just goes to show you've made dumb assumptions based on your insane, illogical need to bash me to make yourself feel better... which just makes you look even dumber.

  • I do not mistake Harry/Hermione for Dan/Emma. I do understand these are separate characters/people. This site supports Harry and Hermione and the actors that portray them. Understand that a shipper website isn't going to be image-free and focus completely on the books. Every shipper site uses images from the films to further enjoy their ship.

  • My Guestbook is NOT a message board. Stop posting comments there expecting me or another poster to answer, to promote another site, or to promote yourselves!

  • Mailing me with "you need to reread the books cause you don't get it" will most certainly get you listed here as the moron du jour. Trust me, HHr shippers 'get it.' We see the exact same RHr moments that you see. It's just not the type of relationship we like. We view those 'friendly' HHr moments as a possible precursor to something more for them. We feel they're more powerful, more genuine and a lot more interesting. You may see it as friendship... and that's okay. You don't NEED to understand this. I don't need your permission to enjoy Harry and Hermione for whatever reasons I choose, and HHr shippers don't need others telling us how we misinterpret the books. We see them very clearly, actually. We simply have this thing called AN IMAGINATION. ; )

    Thanks- and enjoy the site!!

                 - Kate J