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You can contact me at any time at katejones123@gmail.com or katejones123@aol.com. I generally answer my gmail the quickest. It goes without saying that I don't respond to flames.


I do not know Dan and/or Emma's private mail addresses, home addresses and or phone numbers. Even if I did, I would never give them out. Please do not mail me claiming you know them. They do, however have fan mail addresses! You can mail them here (thanks to DanRadcliffe.com):

Daniel Radcliffe
c/o Harry Potter Productions
Leavesden Studios
P.O. Box 3000
Leavesden Hertfordshire WD25 7LT
Daniel Radcliffe
c/o ARG Talent
4 Great Portland Street
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Emma Watson
c/o HP Production
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Leavesden, Herfordshire WD2 7LT

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"Why do some parts of your site look different from the others?"

Because I'm an idiot. When I first started the site, I coded it entirely by hand. And I learned it very quickly. Because of that, I created every page individually and coded them myself. I actually still code by hand and don't use helpers or anything, but I know tons more now. I've recently redesigned the entire site to make it easier for me to redesign later, but some small things- a border, a line, a font size- may have gotten glossed over. It shouldn't be too big a problem.

Hire me to design your site!
You can actually hire me to design and operate your own website! It doesn't just have to be HHr or Harry Potter... it can be any type of website. You can read more about it here! Contact me if you're interested! NOTE 4.01.11: I'm actually totally booked for the next few months so I'm not accepting new clients, unless the site you need is very small.

About the music video media gallery...
A few people have mailed me asking about my media gallery because they, too, are frustrated with YouTube's shenanigans. I created the media gallery myself using Adobe Flash and html coding. No ads, no getting shut down every 5 minutes, no time limits, and the comment system is actually way better. The only drawback is that the videos are using my own server power to load, so loading time may be slower for larger vids. If it doesn't start playing in less than a minute, I recommend downloading the vid. It's a good sign that it's getting jammed. It would probably take less time to download than to load. This shouldn't happen often though.

"How many designs have you had?"
Including the current front page, 14. I try to change with the seasons. The site's been up since August 04, 2001. I closed the site, officially, in November of 2005. However, I plan on keeping the site up in archive form indefinitely. Unfortunately, I had a very spiffy Winter/Christmas 2002 design but I couldn't find a back-up of it. It was one of my favorites, too. Too bad.

As for the current design, thank you to my friend Jane for sending me a couple of HHr clips from the lastest movie, inlcuding the dancing scene. I really didn't want to watch them but I gave in to her prodding. I only saw the 3 HHr clips she sent, and I didn't see the film, but I was told it was very RHr/HG. So I'm happy living in denial with the shippy fantasies that I've come up with to explain these wonderful tidbits of HHr. They really were lovely and they inspired me to make the new front page. They reminded me of what I loved about HHr. I honestly can't believe Harry macking on Ginny in any fashion could be as fucking awesome as that dancing scene or the graveyard scene with them saying "Merry Christmas" to each other. I mean, really... come on now.

Design #1
Design #2
(Lost Winter Design) : (
Design #3
Design #4
Design #5
Design #6
Design #7
Design #8
Design #9
Design #10
Design #11
Design #12
Design #13
(current design)

"How do I view your site? What should I use?"
I cannot confirm the validity of every browser, but Firefox, AOl, and IE all work fine. It's best viewed in 1440x900 screen resolution or larger. You should also have standard codecs and flash in order to view any video content.

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I should not have to tell you not to take anything from my site without asking and, yet, so many people do it. When you take or 'alter' someone else's website content, no matter how you try to convince yourself that you're just 'inspired by' or 'flattering' the person you take it from... it's stealing and you know it's fucking annoying. It makes you look like an...

The fact that I don't actively run this site anymore does not mean that it's open season on taking my content and making it your own. I worked very hard on it and don't want to see someone else using it simply because they can't come up with their own ideas.



Common sense stuff here, folks. Tagged images came from a special source of mine. PLEASE do not remove HLH tags from images

Fanart and Icons:

Art and icons found on this site were placed here with express permission from the authors or the communities that host them. If anyone finds fanart on this site that they would like removed, please feel free to ask and I'll take it down, A.S.A.P. Me or my icon collectors may have made an honest mistake.

MANY, MANY thanks to my former icon hunters, Laura, Linsey and Roxy Chic, who collected icons from various journals on this site's behalf. They did an incredible job and I thank them from the bottom of my heart!

Music Videos:

DO NOT steal or "borrow" my video clips or use my setup of vids as your "inspiration." Honestly, my videos kind of suck... why would you want to steal them??

Slightly Skewed Recaps:

Note 5. 5. 2009


Okay, so I've gotten soooo many mails about this that I've got to say something. While I appreciate that people really loved the recaps, I ask that you please don't go and do the other movies yourselves. It's been brought to my attention that a website, without even asking, copied pretty much my entire idea and created their own for other movies. I mean, they copied everything, right down to the layout. And I read them. And they were... just....

The recaps are really my favorite part of my site. I worked VERY hard on them. It may seem a bit petty but I'm possessive of them. It would be like writing a book and having it mean so much to you and then someone comes along without even asking and writes a sequel, and a crappy one at that. It's like... really, you douchebag??

For those of you who really must know what I intended for the rest of the POA recap: Ron was going to be the only one who saw the plot disappearing, everyone would continue ignoring him or forgetting he was there. Which would of course make him want to get Hermione to piss everyone off (and I figured if RHr finally happened it would just be all a part of the plan). Every time Ginny came onscreen I was just going to write, "Fail. Epic Fail." Like... every time. I was going to carry it through all of the recaps. I was going to set it up so that Sirius vows to kill himself if he ever finds out that HG and RHr are going to happen (setting it up for ootp). All of HHr's images were going to be silly-sexy. The whomping willow was going to be sent by the Deatheaters to try to keep HHr apart. Hermione eventually just throws herself onto Harry out of frustration for all those times they couldn't snog. Ron would keep noticing that parts of the book completely disappeared and that parts of the castle that never existed before suddenly do. Every time Lupin was onscreen, he had to make an underhanded pervy comment about Harry's mom, leading to a fight between him and Snape. Lots of 'Good job, idiot''s. And of course, Hermione randomly pointing out that they could have easily spared themselves all this bullshit by simply using the time-turner to go back and kill Tom Riddle when he was on the crapper. But of course, no one listens to her good advice. Again.

A few other things, too, but I've forgotten a lot of what I'd planned.

So enjoy the first 2 1/2 recaps and, no, I won't be finishing them.

Edited For Stupidity:

Because I was getting so much mail about these, you can read a separate EFS FAQ right here. Please note that EFS is not about shipping or supporting a specific ship, spelling, grammar, your opinion, calling people names, making fun or even about being an HHr or RHr shipper: it's about stupidity. It's about the stupidity that is flaming. And the astounding stupidity of some of my flamers. If you don't like it, too bad.

Also note that the EFS idea is not mine... it's Mugglenet's. My version is very different but the basic idea was something I saw on Mugglenet. EFS actually started when I was sharing these crazy mails with some of my friends and we'd make fun of them. So I started doing it on my site. Please remember to credit them if you're advertising my EFS section.

The Hollow: The HLH.com Harry/Hermione Forums

The forums are a new creation where HHr fans can feel free to post fanfic, fanart, discuss HHr and other basic dicussion forum stuff. It was created because I was getting a lot of mails from people asking me if I knew anywhere they could go to talk about HHr, because the Portkey was down and apparently has been for a while. So I created a small forum, just for basic posting. Hopefully you all enjoy it.

There are some simple, common sense rules to follow but as of now it's completely open to join. PLEASE read the rules and posting guides, as this forum has nowhere near the awesome power of the Portkey, so posting isn't going to be the same. Have fun!

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• SHIPPER STUFF: Some freakishly long ramblings ahead...

"Why did you like Harry Potter?"

I have always liked the books simply for the interaction between Harry and Hermione.

With HP, I could honestly care less about most of the characters or the plot unless it somehow pertains to Harry or Hermione in a significant way. If you can understand that, for me, these books were enjoyable because of the interaction between HHr (romantic or not), then you can perhaps understand why I don't feel the need to read the final book or see any other movies. Harry and Hermione's characters changed so much in book 6 that I don't recognize them as the characters that I enjoyed in the first 5 books. I don't have interest in reading about the rest of the stuff that I never cared about in the first place.

"Why do you ship HHr?"

Because I like them. I don't need anyone's permission or acceptance to enjoy them. They're still the best ship in the books in my opinion and I love the whole idea of them. That doesn't mean any other ship is wrong or bad... it's just my favorite.

"Now you know HHr won't happen. What do you think of that?"

It's sad that it won't happen in canon. There was a part of me that, despite knowing it was never going to happen, still hoped that perhaps there was a chance she'd pull an upset and that it would, what with all the sweet moments HHr have had, but I wasn't banking on it. I think the connection HHr have is the deepest in the book between any character, shippy or not. Whether it happens in canon or not doesn't really matter. The moments we define as shippy are still so even if they aren't to other people. And some of our fanfic is better than anything JK could ever write, dammit! So we'll continue to enjoy it in our own way.

"What did you think of HBP?"

I'm really happy that JK DIDN'T write HHr together because, having seen how she writes a ship, I think I would have been greatly disappointed. I don't mean that in a mean way, really, I mean that I just don't think she would have been able to write the ship in a way that would have made me happy if RHr and HG are any example of what she would have done. I actually believe the film writers and directors do a better job of bringing out HHr than JK does. It may be because of the chemistry between Dan and Emma, or how they look or because they're allowed to create more than actually exists between them in canon. But in terms of giving the 'shipper' aspect a more profound push in HHr's direction, the movies totally have it. If you want me to be completely honest, I actually don't mind RHr in the movies, either. I like it a hell of a lot more than in the books, by a long stretch.

That being said, in terms of the books, I'm actually confused as to why many RHr folks are so happy about HBP. I mean... doesn't is get boring? Ron's so insecure that he bullies Hermione to make himself feel better. He's so insecure about himself that he's in constant fear that Harry- his best friend who's never given him reason to think otherwise- is going to steal Hermione from him as if Ron owns her because.. poor Ron's had to share everything his whole life. He wants Hermione to himself. Oh boo-hoo.

Isn't it so frustrating- not in a good way- to constantly watch Ron and Hermione being mean to each other without him just.. I don't know... grabbing her and kissing her in the middle of one of their fights? Just something to tell us he loves her and to make us excited for this ship? Ron treats her so badly because he's such a pussy- for lack of a better word- that he can't muster up the courage to tell her he loves her, or even just ask her out at least. So because he can't, he's going to treat her like shit when she does try to be happy. And 6 books and countless years of that seems romantic? Trust me... I see all the things leading up to a possible romance with them. But it just never comes of anything positive or beautiful- even something small. It's just always more picking and bullyingetc., etc. Maybe one nice moment at the end where they have to work together to, you know, not die.

Whereas HHr have a lot of little moments with each other that sustain them throughout the books. It keeps it interesting, at least. So the last book can have one big Hermione and Ron scene and that will be worth it to RHr shippers??? Oh HELL NO. I'd be so pissed!

As for HG... I don't hate RHr but I've always really loathed HG. I felt like the HG'ers were sort of ripped off because they didn't really get to see Harry and Ginny's interaction; it was mostly off-page throughout all preceding books. Sure, Ginny had a crush on Harry and even when she said she was over him it was still sort of there. I feel like they didn't earn the relationship they got, which was so all-encompassing that it seemed like a dream sequence or something. It was just so.... randomly thrown together.

And then they broke up anyway... nice. Obviously they'll get back together but it's the same problem; they never really gave us a chance to see this sudden thing develop other than the obvious crush Ginny's always had, that we know mostly through other characters telling us. Suddenly Ginny is this amazing warrior girl. It was just 'oh here... look at how awesome Ginny is. Now you have to love her.' It's like when a new character is introduced on a tv show and they're perfect because that's what the writers think we want to see and they think we're stupid and will just buy into it. That's what Ginny-Sue felt like.

More than any other gripe I have about HBP, I HATED what happened to Hermione's character. She was reduced to sitting in the dungeons with no significant interaction with anyone while other characters benefitted from her absence. Worse yet, she's constantly berated by her friends for doing nothing more than having their best interests at heart. This is a gripe I've had with ALL the books, actually. I just hate that Hermione was reduced to sitting in a corner crying about Ron, who's done nothing but be mean to her for years! Call it UST, call it romantic frustration... it wasn't. It was him bullying her because he's so insecure in himself. I hated so much how Harry treated her and, again, Harry and Ron never apologize to her, even when 99% of the time she turns out to be right. Harry should have apologized for how he treated her at the end of book 5 as well and that never happened.

Finally, I'm tired of JK wasting time introducing characters in each book when they serve no purpose in following books. I'd rather her spend the whole 7th book on the characters we already know instead of continuously introducing new ones who will never really matter... at the cost of the main characters we love.

"Why did you close the site?"
Despite semi-popular belief, I did not close the site because HHr didn't happen. It didn't help, but was not the only reason. I began my final year of grad school and a major thesis that I needed to start work on. I honestly started getting bored with the HP-thing. I worked extremely hard to update the various sections of the site while also dealing with grad school, a full time job and 2 children. So that combined with the interview and all the negativity that has begun to overtake this entire fandom-- most of which has become petty and childish-- and the decision to quit became really easy.

I realize a lot of people really loved this site and you'll never know how much I love you all and how much fun I really had. It was wonderful!

"Why are you and many HHr shippers so mad at JK?"
When the interview came out, I wasn't surprised at the content. We knew this was going to be a pro-RHr interview. To me the entire interview just showed a completely childish and disrespectful side of two people and an author who don't, apparently, care much about the fact many of those "delusioned" folk were also visitors of their sites and often promoted them, making them as popular as they are.

However, some people, I think, have blurred the line between between mad at E + M and being mad at JK. And if you're going to be mad, you should be mad for the right reasons.

The problem with JK that I had- and maybe others will agree- is that JK didn't try to curve this line of conversation, especially when she's gone out of her way in past interviews to be very careful about what she says. Anyone with any sense could see that the things they were saying could possibly be hurtful to a huge part of her fanbase. At the very least, she shouldn't have joined in on it. I do recognize that she tried not to originally join in and tried to defend us by stating that we are such a "valued" part of her readership. But that became disingenuous when she then agreed, throwing in the 'delusioned' comment as well as going on about how we need to reread the books and how we missed huge "anvil-sized" clues, as if we were poor, stupid idiots who were dumb and couldn't read. It was very condescending. That's how it felt whether it was intended or not.

No matter who those comments were directed toward-- even if it was just to the people who truly believed HHr was going to happen despite the anvil-sized clues-- that was really the wrong way to go about telling them that it wasn't. It's a sad way to treat fans who have done nothing but praise her and loyally read and buy her series, stood outside in the rain at midnight to get them, to then be ridiculed.

There are many militant and stupid RHr shippers who go around saying the most horrible and vile things (such as how my children should be murdered and how they will find out where I live and burn my home down while my family sleeps)... just as there are many idiotic and moronic HHr shippers out there who are just as bad. Yet we were the ones who took the brunt of it. My opinion is that if the conversation were exactly the same, but the HHr and RHr roles were reversed, many RHr shippers would be just as hurt as we were.

I don't mean to be overdramatic. It really isn't all that encompassing. I've put a lot of work into my site and a lot of fans have put a lot of their time into this series only for it to end on such a sour note.

"What other ships do you like? Are there any ships you simply hate?"

Canonically, the only ship I really like is HHr. I'm not really invested in any of the other characters enough to ship for them. I wouldn't mind RHr if it was written well, and in that case, I'd prefer Harry alone or to be with another unknown character in some sort of 'future' epilogue or something.

Fanfic is a whole other story, though. After HHr, my fav fanfic ship is trio (Harry, Hermione, Ron). It's delicious and pervy and some of the best written fics on the planet are trio fics (check out my fanfic links to read my favorite trio fic series...it's kind of cheesy but addictive!). Harry/Ron... hell yeah.

I also love Hermione/Lupin. LOVE them. I read this AMAZING H/L story once called 'Awaken Me' that just totally did it for me. I think the story has since been removed but, if you're interested, try finding it.

I like Hermione/Malfoy as well (check out a great H/D fic, We'll Always Have Paris by Melissa D). Great fic. Also, Cassie Claire's Draco Dormien's series, while labeled as HHr, is really D/Hr all the way through and I've never wanted so badly for HHr NOT to happen as I did reading this series. I mean... holy crap is Cassie an amazing author. It, and a few other fics, finally inspired me to write Taste. It's in the fanfic recs so definitely check it out. Seriously, I was kind of bummed whenever Hermione ended back up with Harry and that's NEVER happened to me. I liked how it ended and I did love that it was HHr but a part of me really wanted them together. You get the best of both worlds. I love how Hermione "changes" Malfoy in these fics, or vice-versa. It's horrible in real life but, dammit, I love them.

I read a Snape/Hermione fic once that was decent, and I have a few ideas of my own on how that could work and it's totally hot, but mostly I find it to be hard to believe even in fanfic. I generally have to see sexy-assed Alan Rickman as Snape and then it works. Even then, though, suspension of disbelief can only go so far.

I don't mind RHr fics, because I like RHr in the fic world much more than canonically. RHr writers are way better than JKR.

Pairings I hate: Harry with ANY girl other than Hermione. I'm very possessive of Harry and don't like him with anyone but Hermione. I'm not into Harry/Snape. I'm into slash but I don't like H/S. Mostly cause they always tend to be about Snape being abusive to Harry or vice-versa, usually dealing with BDSM, which I don't like. I don't like fics with misc. characters like Lily/James or Dean and Parvati. I hate fics of the lead characters (Harry, Hermione or Ron) with miscellaneous characters. Like Hermione and Dean or Harry and Parvati. They all seem more like Mary Sue's or Gary Stu's because we don't know these miscellaneous characters well enough to write them. Finally, I don't like girl-girl fics. I like a little Ron/Harry action here and there, but I'm just not into girl-girl. Probably because I am, in fact, a girl.

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Who the hell are you, Kate J?:
Name: Kate J. (online alias), Jennifer in real life

Birthday: September 29th 197?-something.

School/Work: B.A. double major in English and Political Science; M.A. English. M.A. PS: Foreign Policy and Public Relations. I worked in the private sector for a while but hated it. I teach web design to an online class once a year. I run a web design business, JenniferDesigns-Online.com, and work as an executive aquisitions manager for a small publishing firm in Boston, MA. That's a fancy way of saying a read a shit load of shit all day, every day.

Other Websites: JenniferDesigns-Online.com, my webdesign business. I've run or helped run a few other sites in the distant past but nothing I'm still associated with, including X-Files, ER and Dark Angel. You may recognize my name from my most recent fansite VartanHo.com (The Safe House), an Alias/Michael Vartan website which is where I began my coding and webdesign experience. I also currently run House Loves Cameron, a House/Cameron shipper website.

Favorite Poet: Jonathan Swift.

Favorite Writers: Vladimir Nobokov, Jonathan Swift, Hans Christian Anderson, the guys at SomethingAwful.com, The Onion and Cracked (mucho hilarioso).

Favorite TV Shows: I haven't actually watched tv in a few years. I download everything. I don't even own a tv anymore. I love older shows more than anything. Alias, Buffy, West Wing, Sex and the City, OZ (Beecher/Keller), Queer as Folk (Brian/Justin), American Dad, Charmed, Dark Angel, X-Files, South Park, Deadliest Catch, How It's Made, just about anything on the Discovery Channel, Married with Children reruns, Reno 911, and ER (Abby/Luka!), Big Love, SVU. I used to hate reality TV but I've been sucked in. I tend to love the contest ones that make you prove you have a skill, like Project Runway, Top Chef and serious ones like Intervention. I also like some guilt-inducing crappy ones like Top Model or My Fair Brady which are useless and are surely rotting my brain, but are hilarious. It's like a train wreck; I'm horrified but I can't look away. I still hate Survivor and all the other outdoors-y reality shows, though. Or the Big Brother ones. Those suck. As does any reality show on MTV.

Other pairings I love:
Beecher/Keller from OZ is my current favorite.
Brian/Justin from Queer as Folk.
Liv/Elliott (sometimes) from SVU
Syd/Vaughn from Alias
House/Cameron from House
Abby/Luka from ER
Mulder/Scully from X-Files
Christian/Liz from Nip/Tuck
Phoebe/Cole from Charmed
Liz/Lucky from General Hospital
Chuck/Sarah from Chuck
Josh/Donna from The West Wing
Thomas Crown/Catherine Banning from The Thomas Crown Affair (1998)
and tons more!

Favorite Music: Everything, really, but I tend to love soundtracks and themes the most. There's no way I could choose my favorite theme. This is a topic that I could talk about for days.

Favorite Actress/Actor: Allison Janney, Dakota Fanning, Alyson Hannigan and Emma Thompson | Liam Neeson, Christian Bale, Ryan Gossling, Alan Rickman, Ben Kingsley, Nicolas Cage (dammit, I love Nic Cage movies and I don't care what anyone says!), and Kevin Kline. Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman were my favorites LONG before HP came around. They've acted together in many, many films.

Least Favorite Actress/Actor: Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Rene Zellwegger, Jessica Simpson | Freddie Prince, Jr., any musician/wrestler/sports star and/or billionaire that tries to act and really, really can't. I hate reality show people. I hate a lot of these new younger actors. I hate any guy who wears skinny jeans and has longer bangs than me. Fucking hipsters.

Hobbies: Snark, busting balls at work, web design, walking and jogging in the cemetary, being online, writing and lots of music. Lately, sleep has become my favorite hobby.

Favorite HHr movie moments: In SS: The look on "Harry's" face when he saw that he made Hermione cry. In CoS: Hermione watching Harry walk away from the library table when everyone else wouldn't look at him. Also the look on "Harry's" face when he sees Hermione petrified. Both movies: Hermione fixing Harry's glasses. PoA: When Hermione goes to Harry in the snow, when Harry tries to protect Hermione from Lupin, while at the same time, she was being really strong and kicking butt through most of the movie. I also liked Hermione the whole time-turner experience in general with Harry and Hermione. GoF: I liked how Hermione was the one constant for Harry throughout GoF, despite how different from the book the moments were. I loved Harry's expression when he saw Hermione coming down the stairs and, especially, how the music changed when he saw her. There's just something about that I love. ADDED 4.1.11: THe dance scene in DH. The cemetery scene in DH. Ugh! Best moments of all the movies/books combined!

Favorite HHr book moment: Too many to list! Go to the moments section. My favorite moments are from OotP and PoA.

Biggest Shipper complaint?: People who don't know what "shipper" means. It's not a competition to see who wins. If you think of it as such, I'm sorry for you; you're missing out on the fun.

Best thing about the HP community?: Everyone is very generous and ready to talk. Millions of people, despite race, age, sex and location can get together for a common purpose. Very cool.

Biggest general HP community complaint?: I have 3. The first and biggest being how overwhelmingly hostile everyone is. It's really, really sad and unfortunate. Second is when I see other HHr sites totally stealing my ideas. I know of one website in particular that's pretty popular and it's taken section titles, editorial ideas, even music video ideas from my site without any sort of credit toward me (not that that would make it better, but still). I think they think I don't care because my site is closed but it really drives me nuts. Moreso because a lot of their visitors probably don't realize it. Ironically enough, this particular site has this whole section about stealing content. Go figure. The final thing that gets on my nerves is people who keep visiting my site when they hate it. I still don't get it. My site is closed yet I still must have some sort of pull because I continue getting hate mail.

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What will you find on this site?
1. This is a Harry and Hermione shipper site, so you'll find all types of content on those two characters. This site expresses my own personal views and is not at all affiliated with JK Rowling or Warner Brothers. If you don't like the idea of Harry and Hermione, then you probably shouldn't visit this site.

2. This site, if given a rating, is a high PG-13/R. Because of some adult content, I would not recommend children under the age of 14 or so visiting. There is a romantic theme to this site, which means romantic/adult situations, language and topics are conveyed in certain sections, like fanart, fanfic, Edited For Stupidity, music videos and various other sections.

3. I do not censor artists. Harry and Hermione are fictional people, therefore I do not feel the need to tell artists what they can and cannot draw in their artwork. I also don't censor people from using Dan and Emma images to make manipulations. Out of personal respect, I wouldn't post a manipulated photo of Dan and/or Emma in an NC-17 situation. I also don't censor fanfic writers. If the idea of adult situations concerning these two characters offends you, then you probably shouldn't be visiting a shipper site. I am not here to parent the world.

What won't you find on this site?

1. You will not find content about any other HP couple, news about the films or other actors unless it pertains to Harry and/or Hermione, or Dan and/or Emma, or any information that doesn't somehow pertain to my views on Harry and Hermione.

2. You will not find me bashing another site that doesn't support my ship. Yes, I'm aware there are sites out there and webmasters who feel the immature need to bash me or my visitors. These people are morons and I won't be a part of it. While I enjoy having fun with my ship and talking about frustrations with a few RHr shippers in general, I certainly won't bash websites themselves the way I am bashed. I find ship arguing to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard of, and I won't be a part of it if at all possible.

3. You will not find evidence of Harry and Hermione. I don't view anything I have here as evidence, proof, or fact. It is simply my view and what I see when I read the books or watch the films. If anyone comes here and finds what I have to say interesting, that's great. But I'm not here to convert anyone. This site was made for me, not to get people to like the pairing. But I'm happy they do!

Trouble with Pages or Images:

"Sometimes I try to open a direct link to an image on your site and it doesn't work. Why is this?"
Because I have the ability to prevent hotlinking. To read more about what hotlinking is, go here. When anyone tries to open a direct link to an image, my server reads it as someone trying to display an image using my bandwidth (like on a message board) and doesn't allow it. Sometimes trying again works, other times, you have to try the main images index. Sorry!

"I'm having trouble with with another visitor on your site:"
Please contact me immediately. I will not put up with people harassing visitors of my site.

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Guestbook Problems:

"My entry in your guestbook was edited/deleted...why?"
If you flame me, my site or anything else I think is uncalled for, you will simply be deleted. If there's something in your post I think shouldn't be there, such as comments to another poster or really bad language, I'll usually just edit it out. My guestbook is also NOT a message board. It isn't there for you to communicate with me or other posters. Please mail me if you have questions, don't post them there!

"You responded back to me in your guestbook making fun of me. Why?"
Because you're an idiot and your idiocy should be seen and poked fun of by me and the world.

~ * ~ Thanks Folks! Long live the H/Hr! ~ * ~