Sometimes we just have to ask: what were they thinking? Fashion crimes against Dan and Emma in particular have been on the rise lately and here my guest editors and I will dicuss these fashion tragedies in hopes of doing a public service. Stop Fashion Crimes!

Note: Fashion crimes have no statute of limitation therefore I don't care how old they are. Style and trends will also be commented on. No offense is meant to any actor, only to the offending style. Just laugh and enjoy. And maybe protect yourself against fashion wrongs! And once in a while a Fashion-Do will be commented on so that we don't completely loose hope in Dan and Emma. We have to compliment them once in a while so they don't give up. Enjoy folks!

Report a Dan and/or Emma fashion crime.

Source: Thanks to and to Hannie for sending!
Crime: Scouring the Consignment shops for clothes.
Criminals: Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Dan Radcliffe
Accomplice: PoA DVD Release
Date Cited: 7.08.05
Guest Patroler: My husband, Mike
Citizen's Arrest Made By: Hannie

Mike: Okay so are they just not paying these kids at all? Can they not afford good clothes? Or, while they're at it, self-tanner or sleep? Rupert's like "Wow, I can't believe it. I look the best. that's never happened before. Woo!"

Kate: I should be compensated for having to look at this. Seriously.

Mike: Why is she trying to make her pants look like capris?

Kate: And they're obviously guy's pants. From the boys section at K-Mart.

Mike: And what's with Dan? Why is it every picture I see him in he looks like he has something stuck up his ass. He looks like he's going to fall over.

Kate: Fall over in shame. I'm actually a little too focused on his hair. The whole football helmet look is just not appealing. NOT. APPEALING.

Mike: Please tell me those female half coats aren't coming back? If I even see 1 shoulder pad in this house, I'm beating you with it.

Kate: I think Rupert wears the same jeans to every event.

Mike: He's like one of those athletes who don't wash their jock straps for luck.

Kate: Oh ewww.

Mike: The big purple bus is the best looking thing in the whole picture.

Kate: Can I just ask...when did faded and stone washed jeans come back in style? Looking at this pic, I feel like I've warped back to the 80s. Like any minute the Flock of Seagulls and Debbie Gibson are going to come out and start singing.

Mike: Don't even joke about that.

Kate: I feel like there should be some sort of disclaimer below this picture about doing drugs. There had to be drugs involved with these outfits, seriously. There just had to be. No lucid person would actually choose to wear these.

Mike: It's like those 80's drug commercials. Don't let your friends do dope, DOPE!

Kate: It's like they ran out of clothes at the last minute, so they stopped at a homeless shelter and robbed some poor people.

Mike: Poor people wouldn't wear these.

Kate: That's true. Let's just hope this whole flashback to the 80s thing isn't catchy. I really don't want to see American kids dressing like this any time soon.

Mike: We may have to start killing them.

Kate: They're an abomination.

Mike: But we'd be doing the world a service.

Kate: Very true. Lets just hope it doesn't come to that. If there's any stylist seeing this... you can't look at this picture and not want to offer your services for free. You just can't. It's so bad that you want to help these poor kids out of the kindness of your heart. Please help them.