Sometimes we just have to ask: what were they thinking? Fashion crimes against Dan and Emma in particular have been on the rise lately and here my guest editors and I will dicuss these fashion tragedies in hopes of doing a public service. Stop Fashion Crimes!

Note: Fashion crimes have no statute of limitation therefore I don't care how old they are. Style and trends will also be commented on. No offense is meant to any actor, only to the offending style. Just laugh and enjoy. And maybe protect yourself against fashion wrongs! And once in a while a Fashion-Do will be commented on so that we don't completely loose hope in Dan and Emma. We have to compliment them once in a while so they don't give up. Enjoy folks!

Report a Dan and/or Emma fashion crime.

Crime: Making us remember the 70's
Criminal: Dan Radcliffe
Accomplice: Misc PoA Press Junket
Date Cited: 6.28.05
Guest Patroler: My husband, Michael.

Mike: Strange. I wouldn't be laughing that hard if I were wearing that shirt.

Kate: He's just delirious. He can't take the fact he's wearing it so he's just laughing like a madman.

Mike: He's getting high off the fumes that shirt gives off.

Kate: It's like a big roll of lifesavers.

Mike: This whole picture is like a flashback to 1978. Like any minute he's going to whip the jacket off and start dancing to the Bee Gees. And nevermind the shirt, look at the hair.

Kate: I know. Flobee to the rescue once again.

Mike: That's too round for Flobee. Flobee is really uneven. This is like the 70's, Partridge Family, Paul McCartney, bowl cut.

Mike: This kid has a creepy smile. His teeth are freaking me out. And he has no upper lip whatsoever. It's like he ate it or something.

Kate: Don't say that; you'll be hunted down by crazed Dan Radcliffe fans.

Mike: Like you?

Kate: I'm not that bad.

Mike: Says the woman who has a picture of him hanging on her wall.

Kate: It's a small picture. And it has Emma Watson, too. It's only used for inspiration.

Mike: Sure. Pervert.

Kate: Pervert's husband.

Mike: You know what that shirt reminds me off? The Reading Rainbow Bookmobile that used to troll around neighborhoods when we were kids. There was always a creepy guy driving that wore a shirt like that. With white bellbottoms and a chunky gold necklace.

Kate: Hey I know that guy! He drove our bookmobile too!

Mike: He has some serious bags under his eyes. How old is he?

Kate: In this pic he's about 14.

Mike: Holy crap, dude. What, is he working in a sweat shop or something? I know some 45-year-old alcoholics that don't have bags under their eyes like that.

Kate: Press tours are really long and tiring.

Mike: Still, with bags like that he shouldn't be smiling. The children's labor board should be letting him sleep once in a while.

Kate: He can't because that shirt is keeping him up. It's blinding him.

Mike: It's an evil shirt. Evil I tell you!

Kate: It must be stopped.

Kate: Call the bookmobile guy. He'll find a use for it.

Mike: Maybe the poor kid can get some sleep.

Mike: I'll pray for him.

Kate: Me too.