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HHr Awesomeness Rating:        

Number of times R/Hr slithered its way across the screen: Once.

Number of times it actually bothered me?:   The whole time.

Missing Canon HHr moments?:   2. See below..

Number of HHr squee moments?:   17

Ready? Set? Squee!

¤ When Harry meets Hermione in the street. He tells her how much he's missed her and she fixes his glasses. Love that. I wish it had gone through all of the books. The music changes when they finally meet, too. A sweet background song begins playing. Hermione smiles at him so brightly and he smiles back. They're very happy to see each other.

¤ When the pixies attack Hermione. she's is on the floor screaming, "get off!" Until that point Harry isn't really paying attention. The moment Hermione sounds like she's in trouble, Harry picks up a book and slams the pixie off of her. Hermione then immobulizes all of the pixies with a proud grin on her face.

¤ In the deleted scenes, as Hermione and Susan are squeeing over Professor Lockhart, we see Harry behind Hermione with a bit of a scowl on his face. On the side-angled shot, we see Harry looking over his glasses at her, a bit upset.

¤ When Harry and Hermione bring Ron to Hagrid's after the slug incident, Harry tries to explain to Hagrid what happened, and he watches Hermione. He looks at her with such sadness when she's crying. He just stares at her for a minute before looking at Hagrid.

¤ The look Harry has when he finds out what a "mudblood" is. When Hagrid tells Harry exactly what a mudblood is, he's disgusted at the term. He smiles at Hermione in the background when Hagrid says, "There isn't a spell that our Hermione can't do."

¤ After they find the bloody message on the wall, Hermione looks over at Harry for a few moments before they notice the cat. She looks at him intently, like she's worried about him. Then Hermione stops before she tells Dumbledore the truth about what Harry was doing.

¤ When Harry is attacked by the bludger, Ron goes to stop it, when Hermione feverently tells him not to interfere. She's smart enough to know that he could accidentally hit Harry. Then just before the bludger descends on Harry, Hermione runs down and brilliantly does a spell that makes the bludger explode before it hits him. She then runs and falls to the ground beside him.

¤ When Harry is duelling with Malfoy, and Malfoy throws Harry across the table, Hermione has a very scared look on her face. She's watching him all throughout the match with worry in her eyes.

¤ When Hermione is turned into a cat, Ron sort of laughs and Harry doesn't. He throws Ron a look and looks back to Hermione with a bit of pity. He didn't want to make her feel bad by laughing.

¤ Later in the movie, we see Harry and Ron walking up some stairs and Ron asks Harry how Hermione's doing. Apparently, Harry is the only one that's been visiting Hermione in the hospital.

¤ After the second attack, everyone is looking at Harry strangely in the library, like they suspect him. Ron and Hermione both look a little freaked out too. But when Harry goes to leave, if you look closely as Harry is walking out, Hermione is the only one watching him leave. She doesn't take her eyes off of him until he leaves her sight. She's got a look of concern on her face.

¤ The look on Harry's face when he sees Hermione petrified. He just sort of stares at her and seems dazed when McGonagall asks him if he knows what the mirror means. He just looks heartbroken. When he touches her hand, the look on his face is pure sorrow. Good acting on Dan's part there.

¤ When Harry asks Hagrid if he's heard about Hermione. He sort of has this look on his face of such sadness when he asks. It just hit me a little.

¤ When Harry brings her flowers. We see him actually replace some that we assume he brought her before. A nice touch.

¤ When Harry holds her hand the second time. It's almost like he's trying to let her know he's there somehow. Just to let her know he's beside her.

¤ Harry's face when he sees Lucius Malfoy smiling about "dead mudbloods" in Hagrid's cabin. Lucius turns from Dumbledore and Hagrid when he says this, allowing Harry and Ron to see from under the cloak. He gets this evil smile on his face thinking that the mudbloods will be killed. And Harry has this look on his face like, if he could, he's just shoot him dead right there.

¤ The end scene, of course, when Hermione runs to Harry. She's looking at him the whole time and makes a B-Line straight to him. He's so happy to see her- it's the biggest smile we see from him throughout the whole movie. And they sort of do that "rocking" sort of thing at the end of the hug, where they rock back and forth before they let go. She's so proud of him afterward, when she sees he's solved it. then he tells her he couldn't have done it without her, and this sweet theme plays in the background. She sort of looks up at him and smiles sweetly. It's like they're the only ones in the room.

Missing moments: 2

The first scene is when Harry refused to leave Hogwarts. He tells Dobby, "I'm not going anywhere!" said Harry fiercely. "One of my best friends is Muggle-born; she'll be first in line if the Chamber really has been opened -" Harry is adamantly standing his ground with Dobby, despite the danger to himself. He's worried about Hermione. When Dobby mentions that the monster is attacking Muggle-borns, Harry doesn't worry about all his friends that are Muggle-borns, but rather Hermione alone. His first thought is of her.

The second scene is when Justin tells Harry, "I just wanted to say, Harry, that I'm sorry I ever suspected you. I know you'd never attack Hermione Granger and I apologize to you for everything I said." This was a great moment in the book because everyone suspects Harry until Hermione is attacked, which seems to clear everyone's minds of the idea of Harry as the bad guy. It's like everyone knows Harry cares about Hermione, but they thought he was guilty when it was other Mudbloods. They recognize how close he and Hermione are and realize the moment she's attacked there's no way Harry did it. This is a great moment because it's not Harry or Hermione's actions that define it, instead it's everyone else's reactions.

I really missed not seeing both of those scenes!