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HHr Awesomeness Rating:     
Hey, what do you want? They're 11!

Number of times R/Hr slithered its way across the screen:   None!

Number of times it actually bothered me?:   N/A

Missing Canon HHr moments?:   Not enough to be noticable.

Number of HHr squee moments?:   9

Ready? Set? Squee!

¤ I loved how, from the very beginning of the movie, Hermione sort of insinuates herself in Harry's life. She's so brash that Harry's face through the whole scene is really funny. It's like he can't believe this girl is so forward. I love the shocked look on Ron's face when he sees Hermione fixing Harry's glasses. Harry is shocked too, but he should be: he's never really seen magic like that before. But Ron's been around it his whole life. He's still shocked! From the moment he meets her, Harry knows this is someone who will play an important role in his life.

¤ Hermione fixing Harry's glasses. It's always totally cute to see this and was sad to see that it didn't follow through to the 3rd film as it did in the second. Harry realizes right away this is a powerful person.

¤ The look on Harry's face when he sees Hermione crying. This is really great because it sort of shows that Harry is a bit of a "go-along," willing to make fun of Hermione because his friends are. But it then shows how guilty he feels. He's the only one to think of her at the Halloween feast. We see him actually looking over, expecting to see her sitting beside him. We see his face drop when Neville tells him she was crying in the bathroom. He feels really bad.

¤ The troll. It's a great moment because Harry's first thought is of Hermione when Quirrell comes in yelling about the troll. He doesn't hesitate to pull Ron to go after her. We can see this early on how strong a bond Harry and Hermione are going to have.

¤ Hermione's happiness to see Harry. When Harry is walking outside to the courtyard after Fred and George tease him about being the school Seeker, Hermione sees he and Ron walking and drops her book and runs over. She has this big smile on her face. Like she's so happy to see her friends. Harry doesn't even look her way, almost like he expected her to be there.

¤ The way Hermione calms Harry's fears. When he gets nervous about being a Seeker, Hermione brings him to the trophy room to see his father's Seeker trophy, which makes him so happy. He didn't even know his father was a Seeker. Ron even teases that she knows more about Harry than Harry does! It's a cute scene that reassures Harry that he'll do well.

¤ The way Harry lingers. Just after they meet the 3-headed dog, they run back to their dorms where Hermione tells them that they'd better be careful before they're killed, or worse, expelled. Ron sort of has this look on his face of her being crazy, but Harry's face just kind of lingers on her. He doesn't look away until after Ron says, "She needs to get her priorities straight." Then Harry finally turns away from the door and nods his head.

¤ The way Hermione looks at Harry before he goes into the dungeon to get the Stone. They have this sweet moment at the end, where she tells him he's a great wizard, and he's sort of embarrassed. He tells her she's better than him. But she tells him there are more important things. they just sort of stay there for a minute. Then Harry leaves and Hermione watches him walk away with the sweetest dreamy look on her face. Very, very cute.

¤ The way Harry smiles at Hermione when she wins points for Gryffindor at the end. He sort of watches her with this sly grin on his face as she's a bit embarrassed. It's different from how he smiles with Ron when Ron wins points. And Harry sort of grabs Hermione's arm and shakes her from her embarrassment, and begins clapping and "Woo!"-ing for her. It's really sweet.