You know, I'm so tired of polls where we're asked what ship will end up together and we never get to see Harry and Hermione. We vote our little asses off, and some of you- don't lie- even try to cheat your sad little hearts into seeing Hermione and Harry as each other's #1 vote. But it still doesn't work.

Well you know what? Fuck that. Here, Harry and Hermione will always be the vote that wins. Always. There will never be another winner, except for the mildly amusing choices I give you which still point to HHr. Have fun and don't take it too seriously.
Who Will Harry End Up With??
Are you a moron? Of course it's Hermione. Why are you even looking at the other options?
Asskicking!Hermione, throwing Harry up against walls and being pushy and sexy.
Sweet!Hermione, sitting by Harry's bedside, helping him with homework and listening to his problems.
Of course it's not Sweet!Hermione, dumbass. Sweet!Hermione is kind of a pushover. Besides, I think Harry kind of likes it when she's rough.
Well there *is* Hedwig. Because really, who else loves him like Hedwig? She's put up with so much of his crap. *And* she's seen him naked. Hmm. Decisions, decisions.... Nah. I still pick Hermione. Powerful!Hermione- casting spells, knowing all the answers and being generally brilliant.
*ANY* Hermione is fine with me to tell you the truth, as long as it isn't ExtremeBarbieMakeoverOotP!Ginny, ChillyBitch!Cho or NotAFlyingSquirrel'sChanceInHell!Luna.

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