You know, I'm so tired of polls where we're asked what ship will end up together and we never get to see Harry and Hermione. We vote our little asses off, and some of you- don't lie- even try to cheat your sad little hearts into seeing Hermione and Harry as each other's #1 vote. But it still doesn't work.

Well you know what? Fuck that. Here, Harry and Hermione will always be the vote that wins. Always. There will never be another winner, except for the mildly amusing choices I give you which still point to HHr. Have fun and don't take it too seriously.
Hermione's Dress for the Yule Ball?
1. What prom in Hell was this made for?
2. Clearly designed by a very disturbed person.
3. Sort of pretty, but she looks like she should be carrying and umbrella and drinking a Mint Julep.
4. Very pretty, I wish I looked that good for my prom.
5. My prom sucked. Thanks for bringing up all those bad memories. Bitch.
6. I could like the dress if the shoes weren't so bad. What the Hell is with Emma Watson and her bad taste in footwear?
7. Emma is so beautiful she could be wearing a potato sack and she'd look great.
8. Um, apparently you didn't see her at the PoA DVD Launch. I think she was wearing a potato sack. At least, I would have prefered the potato sack.
9. It's a very pretty dress, we just aren't seeing it in the right light.
10. Who cares! Dan's in a tux and she's in a dress and they're all dancing around. It's eye candy that doesn't need to be analyzed.
11. Shut up.
12. One word: Gorgeous. With the dark candlight and her entrance, this dress will make her look like a princess when she walks in, which is sort of the point.

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