You know, I'm so tired of polls where we're asked what ship will end up together and we never get to see Harry and Hermione. We vote our little asses off, and some of you- don't lie- even try to cheat your sad little hearts into seeing Hermione and Harry as each other's #1 vote. But it still doesn't work.

Well you know what? Fuck that. Here, Harry and Hermione will always be the vote that wins. Always. There will never be another winner, except for the mildly amusing choices I give you which still point to HHr. Have fun and don't take it too seriously.
Seriously, HHr Flamers Are...?
1. Morons.
2. Monkeys.
3. Moronic Monkeys.
4. Just sore because their ship isn't as fun as ours.
5. Secretly ship HHr, but just can't admit it to themselves.
6. Secretly ship HHr, which is why they continue visiting my site.
7. They're still moronic monkeys.
8. Dumb as a box of George Bush's.
9. Dumber than a box of George Bush's.
10. I think they actually are George Bush, flaming over and over under different names. It would explain the bad spelling and grammar.

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