You know, I'm so tired of polls where we're asked what ship will end up together and we never get to see Harry and Hermione. We vote our little asses off, and some of you- don't lie- even try to cheat your sad little hearts into seeing Hermione and Harry as each other's #1 vote. But it still doesn't work.

Well you know what? Fuck that. Here, Harry and Hermione will always be the vote that wins. Always. There will never be another winner, except for the mildly amusing choices I give you which still point to HHr. Have fun and don't take it too seriously.
Which HHr Scene from GoF had better be left in the film or you'll personally hunt down every single WB executive with a machette?
Harry and Hermione walking around the lake.
Oh yeah cause walking around a lake is just *so* shippy. What the hell is wrong with you? Seriously?
Okay, it's *kind of* shippy because it showed how Hermione stood by him through it all.
Hermione offering Harry toast, and Harry's relief that Hermione believed him, unlike Ron.
Harry and Hermione having late night Accio practice.
Harry and Hermione reading the first Rita Skeeter Daily Prophet article about their relationship.
Krum giving Harry "the talk" about Hermione.
Hermione in her Yule Ball dress.
The expression on Harry's face when he *sees* Hermione in her Yule Ball dress.
Oh come on, how can anyone choose another answer? It has to be #9.
If you don't choose #9 then I'll knock you out and sell you to horny and desperate goblins on Knockturn Alley.
Hermione kissing Harry goodbye.
Yeah, Hermione kissing Harry goodbye may not have been shippy, but anytime HHr have skin to skin contact which includes lips (or any other body part)...well, it's just always a plus.
Shut up, it's still #9.

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