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you know i really hate this website coz i don't like dan and hermione together.... i just hope they'd seperate.... i love dan but i hate hermione!!!11

Hermione is my favorite character of all time, so saying that I hate when people bash her is an understatement. It gets me angrier than when I see people bashing HHr, really. At least there's validity to some people's arguments about Hermione and Ron, although I don't agree with how some folks go about it. But bashing Hermione makes no sense. And half the time, they bash Hermione and then want her and Ron to get together. Well... why would you want Ron to get with someone you don't like? That makes no sense. So, moronic guestbook poster, I wish many vomit and earwax flavored Bertie Botts on you, and hope you have to do lines with Umbridge! Oh and p.s.: the last time I checked, Dan and Hermione were from 2 separate worlds. One is real and the other is a fictional character.

Hi. I'm a HUGE Ron and Hermione fan, so naturally I disagree with everything you say here (actually, I almost puked when I looked at this site) and if you must know, Harry and Hermione's behavior is simply due to being friends, and JKR practically said they won't be together, but if I was a huge Harry and Hermione fan, I'd really like this site.

I just love how she ends the mail on such a positive note after writing such insanity. Aww, well I'm glad that you'd like the site if only it didn't make you want to puke! Woo hoo! Score! Moron. What I wonder is that, if all of the situations I mention as Harry-Hermione moments happened between Hermione and Ron, would she still feel the same? I wonder if they wouldn't suddenly be deemed shippy simply because they were Ron-Hermione? Curious. Very curious.

This is a pretty sucky site! I can't belive you would be so stupid as to belive H/Hr. It's R/H, JK even said that! Are you an idiot? [signed by "smarterthanyou"]

Well I guess I must be. But then again, at least I can spell believe.

(Mail Subject: "Dan's Gay.") "U Should not insult her like this! how can u say that she loves him! he obviously loves Ron! i personally think that Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe are faggots! email me back if u read this."

I'm glad to see that zoos let biased monkeys out of their cages once in while so they can write something as dumb as this to me. Isn't there a lame circus you could join rather than boring me with your idiocy?

"u shudnt b getin harry n hermione togetr like u do on dis site. it iznt tru n it iznt even canon. do u evin read the bookz? or do u jus make it up az u go along?"

Sorry, I left my "moron decoder ring" at home. I need it to get through all of your net-speak.

"Do you know what I love Daniel Radcliffe and don't put your butt were it does not have to be ok because daniel called me ones on the phone and said that he loves me so earyes that site and if you dont earyes it i'll call daniel and he will earyes it ok so you better earyes it antill today ok bye!!!"

Well earyes and then earyes and definitely earyes! So there!

"What is wrong with you? You must have some sort of mental illness if you really think Harry loves Hermione. Hello! He obviously is deeply in love with Ginny. Ginny and he are going to married. Hermione is ugly and Harry would never be attracted to her. So seek help as soon as you can."

Sure! Could you give me your doctor's number?

Wtf? What is dis crap about Harry and Hermione meant to be together? i checked your site, i don't know where you get your ridiculous ideas from, it's gunna be Ron and Hermione, without a shadow of a doubt. There is no proof pointing to H/Hr. "Proof?" you must be saying. "There's plenty of proof! Harry pulled her back when grawp tried to attack, they were glad to see each other at the end of the summer, he felt horrible when he thought she was dead..." yes, i know, the list goes on and on. Wake me up after you've finished. Best friends DO feel that way about each other. And everything you've mentioned on your site proves that Harry cares about hermione and vice-versa. Friends care about each other. But it goes no deeper than friendship. Who cares if JKR mentions that they were sitting side-by-side or something? Is that a law that you cannot sit by your best friend unless you want to make out with them? I can't even believe that i'm bothering to write a letter to someone whose sense of things is as warped as yours. That whole thing about the second task, and how Hermione is just what Harry can't GET, not what he will miss most???? my jaw literally dropped when you blatantly refused to accept the fact that Harry likes Ron more than Hermione. Okay, yes, hermione was the one to unconditionally believe his story when everyone, including ron, believed that Harry had put his own name forth for the triwizard tournament. But wouldn't you think that, their "romance" would blossom even just slightly during all that time they spent alone together? YOU WOULD THINK! but instead, they both find themselves thinking of Ron and how much they miss him. And didn't harry say something like "he liked Hermione very much, but she just wasn't the same as Ron. there was a lot less laughter, and a lot more hanging around in the library when Hermione was your best friend." If they were dating, wouldn't they have to be alone together? Yes, but they would be bored out of their minds. However, when Hermione and Ron go to Hogsmeade, they come back "looking as though they'd just had the time of their lives." THERE YOU HAVE IT! they can have fun without harry. I suggest you visit a Ron/Hermione website at some point. ronandhermione.com has a lot of very good points. Harry/Hermione is not something you actually believe will ever happen, it is just something you WANT to happen. Not a chance, mate. Stop wasting your life on a site about a couple that will never be together. Thank you for your time, and i advise you to close Harryloveshermione.com.

It's sad to see how much trouble some people go through to make themselves look like absolute morons. I mean...wow. That's dedication! There should be some sort of award!

Why do you do this site? You're just wasting your time. The fanart is so bad. These people call themselves artists? They couldn't draw stick figures. I'm going to write each of them and tell them that they would be best to do other things. I'm sure after I talk to them for a little while, they'll see that I'm right. C-ya.

Unfortunately, the artists on my site are decent people, so I don't think you'd get along.

You know this site blows! You not even close. Hermione will be with Krum. Krum loves her and will kill her if she is with Harry. He will kill Harry to. That's it goodbye.

So, Krum will kill Harry and Hermione if Hermione doesn't get with him? Well now, doesn't that sound like a nice, healthy relationship?!

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