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i think youre wasting your time with harry loves hermione. i see a ron/hermione relationship blossiming. i think you need to offer some evidence insted of being a complete dumass and writing about harry and hermione. feel free to debate me. i swer ill wini dont even want to go on your websitefreak

Is there an apostrophe or Spell-Check shortage? Seriously! God damn hippies. You'd think if people were going to write in scathing mails like this, they'd want to make sure they made sense. But then again, maybe reason and logic is asking too much! I'm not sure why I'm surprised. I really shouldn't be at this point.

Ur website sucks my balls u can just shove ur balls or boobs up ur ass if u dont agree im fucking turning 13 and i know u cant decide love off of a website! emma and dan are friends! are u a mind reader are u so upsesed with harry potter u think its real! and u can read jks mind?! cuz i think ur minds crazy! anyone who has comments on this email me im smarter than anyone who agrees with me so suck my balls asses!

You know, every once in a while that very special mail comes along where I don't even need to make a snarky comment. The mail speaks for itself, really.

I know all of you are really nice and all but I seirously think that its Ron and Hermione. Whenever they ask J.K. if its Ron and Hermione she says that question is answered in the 4th book because Ron is so jealous of Krum! Don't you understand! I just feel sorry for you guys because when you find out its Ron and Hermione you'll all be sad. And I'll be laughing because I knew I was right.

You know, if JK had a nickel for every time someone like you seemed to speak for her, knew her every will, and mentioned her as though they've spoken to her privately because they're such good friends,...she'd have buttload of nickels.

your stupid
i hate you and bet you smell
you give no proof that theres anything between them and i hope you choke on your drull

I know you are but what am I? Hey, if you want to argue like a 5-year old...

Hm... Yes, well, first of all, I would like to congratulate you on a job well done. You've supported your ship extremely well. But I still don't ship Harry/Hermione. Have you ever read any interviews with J.K.Rowling? She has said countless times that Harry and Hermione are strictly platonic friends. Platonic love- A relationship in which sexual feelings are nonexistent. But, really, You did support your case very well. But I'm still an avid Harry/Ginny Ron/Hermione shipper. You can mock me and ridicule me and put me on some 'Wall of Shame' all you want to, but hey... I've been very nice, and I did give your site a chance, because I am open to all ideas.

She/he/it wrote: "Platonic love- A relationship in which sexual feelings are nonexistent."

Glad she cleared that up for me. I had no idea what platonic meant, really. Of course, I should thank her by doing the same for her. Let us open those wonderful pages of Mirriam-Webster, shall we?...

Idiot (n): a person affected with idiocy; especially: a feebleminded person having a mental age not exceeding three years and requiring complete custodial care

Moron (n): a mentally retarded person who has a potential mental age of between 8 and 12 years and is capable of doing routine work under supervision

Fool (n): a harmlessly deranged person or one lacking in common powers of understanding

Is that enough "Fun with the Dictionary" for everyone?

Listen, these are really funny slightly scewed recaps of the movies, but i beg to differ on one thing.... the whole Harry goes out with Hermionie issue. You might as well call me a death eater, cuz I'm a total Ron/Hermionie supporter. For a big long explanation on why I think that Ron and Hermionie are made for each other, you can go to http://www.sugarquill.net/index.php?action=goodshiprh . its a really long list of why Hermioinie isn't gonna get together with Ron. Thats all I wanted to say. If you're going to reply to this please do so at [e-mail address omitted to protect the ignorant]. thanx!

For someone so dedicated to their ship, you'd think they'd know how to spell one of the major character's names...

I just read you recaps to the 2d movie and I think you should change the last pages. People will think that you ship Harry and Hermione. At least I think you do after reading that. thanks.

Gee, what gave it away? The fact that the site's name is HARRY LOVES HERMIONE?

Harry/Hermione is nonexistant. J.K. Rowling has stated several times that they are platonic, and the movies give you images in your head NOT true to canon. Here are my quotes: [edited because this fool went on to write an epic novel that went on forever and ever and ever and it would take up too many pages to post it all!] Also, for all of you who think that movies are really and truly showing that Harry and Hermione will get together, note that THEY ARE THE MOVIES! THEY ARE NOT THE BOOKS! THEY ARE NOT CANON! THEY ARE NOT J.K ROWLING'S! If you are using the R/H bickering as an excuse for them NOT to get together, think again and check out Sugarquill's forums. UNRESOLVED SEXUAL TENSION, PEOPLE. Thank you for listening. Cheers you idiots!

So what you're saying is the books aren't the movies? Really? I had no idea. As someone recently said in my guestbook, it's a shame people like this are allowed to live because it's illegal to kill them. Oh! And yet another individual who knows JK Rowling personally. Wow. JK has bunches and bunches of friends. What's funny is that, while so many people seemed to be miffed about the HHr-ness of PoA, Rowling stated in an interview that it was her favorite film to date. Hmm. Can one of you guys who know her so well go and ask her what she meant?

okay, I'm really wondering whether this is a Dan and Emma site or a Harry and Hermione site? Okay just because the actors may like each other doesn't mean Harry and Hermione like each other. What is your problem? harry and Hermione have NOTHING to do with Emma and Dan.

Hmm. Curious. You aren't sure if HARRY LOVES HERMIONE is a Harry-Hermione site? Well, if it were Dan-Emma, it probably wouldn't be called Harry Loves Hermione.

All right all right but me and Dan don't have any thing between us [signed "Emma"]

Um, why are you trying to pass yourself off as Emma, when you signed the guestbook not 3 minutes before as someone different? Whoops! Someone forgot I can see their IP address!

I love your site!! Ron and Hermione are just meant to be!!!! awwww they're so sweet man!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Anyway, keep on doing such a good work.. It's my fave RH site so far!!

Hmm. Not sure what I should say to this. Really, this is kind of scary.

Hey Girl, why do you become so defensive when anyone says anything against H/Hr? They're not trying to be rude or insult you or anything of the sort, they're trying to do you a favor by advising you to shut down your site. You may not realize this, but you are embarrassing yourself by going on about how you don't really care whether or not there's evidence, you just love the couple. How can they be a cute couple if they have no evidence? People are laughing at you and your fellow H/Hr shippers - even JKR is laughing at you guys for having any faith in that ship. So remember, I'm only trying to help: you would be better off closing your site or turning it into a R/Hr site. Please do not flame me for saying this. Thanks.

This is yet another e-mail from the moron on the second page...the one I said should win an award for her dedication to her idiocy. Wow...this is really above and beyond dedication. Anyway, thanks for your special advice once again. After thinking it over, I think you're right. Shutting my site down, or even better - making it Ron-Hermione, is definitely the way to go. And I'm glad to hear that you're one of JK's special friends too! Gosh, so many people know her and speak for her! I mean, how silly of me to think anything other than what you think? To like Harry and Hermione together - whether it happens in canon or not - is truly a mortal sin. I see now the error of my ways. The horror! The humanity! The nerve!

Okay seriously, has this form of conversion/brainwashing ever worked for you? I mean, have you ever persuaded someone to actually do what you want with this lame reasoning tactic? Like someone over the age of 4 and preferably not of ape ancestry? I guess I'm just trying to understand what people think they're accomplishing by mailing this stuff out. No- seriously, I want to know. Cause I just don't get how they can't see how dumb they are!

I love how she says she's not insulting me, then goes and, you know, insults me. Can't I borrow Molly Weasley's doxicide for these stupid fools? For someone who hates my ship, she certainly takes up enough of her time to stalk me... er, write me over and over again with epic long e-mails. She is obviously young and so we should take pity on her. Lots and lots of pity. In fact, I'm thinking of starting some sort of charity for her. I really should give her an award, at the very least. It's going to be called the I.D.I.o.T award..: the Infinitely Dumb Idiot of Tomorrow award. Congratulations!

PS- if there are people out there laughing at me, please show me where! I'd love to start a page dedicated to those very special idiots that troll message boards! Everyone can participate...yay!

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