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Wooooooooooooow.... this was obviously the most stupid site I've ever been to. It made me spit at the screen. The Slightly Screwed Recaps are more than slightly screwed. You made me reach for my barf bag about 578 times. Seriusly. GO DEATH EATERS! `Princess Ginny P.S. R\Hr ROX!

Seriusly? Screwed? Rox? Well, I bet you're just the pride of your English class, aren't you? I thought that by making fun of how badly people spelled in these messages that, eventually, they'd start sending me messages that made sense so there would be less I could make fun of them for... but alas. Idiocy prevails!

Oh my god I can't believe you follow Harry and Hermione? You must be the most stupidest person in the world.

The most stupidest? I don't get how someone can write "the most stupidest" and then call me stupid. I could understand if they didn't speak English, but this person's IP read from Seattle. Imbecile.

if harry and hermione were supposed to be together then why did the director make it so obviouse that ron and hermione were going to be togther?!?! they held each others hands you fag if you even pay attention to the movie or the book!!! your stupid. your turning their friendship and making it look like they are in "love" PLEASE! you need to start to PAY ATTENTION to the movie. and STOP MAKING UP THIS SHIT. THIS SITE IS FULL OF SHIT AND LIES MOTHER FUCKER!!

Someone forgot to take their happy pills this morning. And I'm sorry if I wasn't paying attention to the Ron/Hermione parts of the movie. I must have missed them, what with all the Harry and Hermione parts going on.

HEY BITCHES. THIS IS PROOF THAT RON AND HERMIONE ARE GOING GET TOGETHER. I BET YOU FEEL STUPID. GO TO http://www.sugarquill.net/goodshiprh/goodshipclip.movc TO SEE JKR SAYING IT. I BET THE EDITOR IS TO MUCH OF A BITCH TO POST THIS, BUT HERE U GO. SCREW THIS SITE TO HELL. GO SUCK A DONKEYS PENIS. thankyou very much. have a lovely life. I hope Voldemort kills you and your whole FUCKIN family.

I feel so bad for the Sugar Quill sometimes. I mean, there are some very nice people over there working on that site and these are the people they have to deal with on a daily basis. HHr has their own share of stupid fans, but nowhere near this scope! This is above and beyond. I don't understand how they do it! They should get some sort of award, really.

JK said it won't happen so you need to stop your bullshit and crap. How can you support a sdhip when the writer said it won't happen. Because your stupid. That's it goodby.

JK never said Harry and Hermione wouldn't end up together. She said they won't go on a date, she said they're platonic. But even if she did, even if she completely and totally said they will never end up together, then she unintentionally placed moments between Harry and Hermione in her books and it changes nothing on my site! She may not have meant to do it, but there they are. They are there, whether some people see them or not. Some people see those moments as friendship and nothing more, others see them as much, much more. You people need to get over it. Go with what you want. If Ron and Hermione end up together, then you'll be happy and it won't matter what I think. I'll still ship Harry and Hermione and those moments won't just go away.

Hi. I want to say I'm not one of those idiot posters who wants to flame you. But your site really needs to be shut down. It's practically converting people and that's just not right. Again I don't mean to flame you and I'm making sure that this mail is very nice so that you don't think that I am. I've visited your site many times and every single time I get angry. Ron is so thoughtful of Hermione, helping her when she needs it, talking to her about life and problems, having deep and meaningful conversations. I hate your site and everything it represents. It's gross. And everytime I visit I think so. Because we think it's gross, you should want to shut it down anyway. I hope you see the maturity in this letter and think long and hard about what you're doing. You shouldn't want to upset people. Thank you very much. Signed [signature omitted to protect the ignorant]

Why do people continue to visit my site if they hate it so much??? I just don't understand this ass-backwards logic! They're gluttons for punishment! What the hell is wrong with you people? And since when do Ron and Hermione have deep and meaningful conversations?

Why don't you ship for Ron and Hermione? Everyone else does! Do you want to be a freak? Join us and make a Ron//Hermione site. Everyone will want the same thing and it will be better. Bye then.

Oh I see. So I'm just supposed to be the Stepford shipper, is that it? ::robot voice:: We are one. There is no "I" in team. Resistance is futile. Ron and Hermione 4eva! ::/robot voice::

You think I'M the one who deserves an award for dedication to my idiocy? Definitely not, that award is meant for YOU, you friggin little fairy. "My thoughts on shipping: I think it's great that everyone can have their own favourite couple!" Yet anyone who ships anything other than HHr is an idiot, moron, or fool. [Kate comment: No, only people who feel the need, such as you, to flame me constantly. I run an HHr site. What part of that don't you understand? So why come here and be rude? THAT is why you're an idiot. Not because you like Ron and Hermione. Liking Ron and Hermione is probably the only thing that IS decent about you.] Wow. That makes so much sense! Just for once, why don't you actually try, um, how shall I say it, ADDRESSING THE COMMENTS PEOPLE ARE MAKING ABOUT YOU AND YOUR SITE, HUH? HUH? HUH? [Kate comment: Because you're trying to flame me and convert me and you're rude about it, obviously. There's no reason to address what you're saying because you make no sense! Address what? How much you hate my site? Oh well, too bad for you!] What they have to say actually has some meaning and thought put into it, you just sit around ignoring the truth and going "Hm, should this person be called a fool, a retarded monkey, or an idiot..." Why don't you shut up before you give yourself a nosebleed? [Kate comment: Has talking ever caused a nosebleed? I'll have to look that one up. And if people are actually putting deep thought into some of these mails, the world is in serious trouble. I hope to God that these aren't the deepest thoughts they can come up with.] I am really far too mature to keep up such an argument with a person like you, which is why you're lucky I even gave you the time of the day. [Kate comment: Oh yes, FAR too mature. I direct everyone to your "HUH? HUH? HUH?" above so they can bask in all your maturity.] Don't worry, though, I won't waste my time trying to convert you. You are hopeless. BURN IN HELL! [Kate comment: I'm sure all of us HHr shippers whom you disagree with will burn in hell. Don't worry.]

You see? You see what I have to deal with?? She's really working hard to hold onto that award I gave her!

Hey, great website! It'd be even better if it was about the Harry Potter series! Which is obviously can't be, since this is an H/Hr website! Thanks for giving me an excuse to use my barf bag!

You're welcome! And thanks for visiting. And I'm still confused as to how HARRYLOVESHERMIONE could draw in so many anti-HLH visitors. I mean, how much more obvious can I make it that this is an HHr site? Stop visiting! Freakin' morons.

You are a stupid git. This is Rupert. Emma is mine and Dan doesn't even like her. We've been dating for a few years now. She thinks I am much better looking than Dan. She likes running her hands through my red hair. That's why I grew it out. She and I are going to get together in the movies too because JK thinks we have so much chemistry in real life. So that's all the proof you need, because I am Rupert. Do not e-mail me back.

Oh, I guess GoF is filming in Australia then, since that's where you're writing from according to your IP address? Wow Rupie! You travel a lot! And really fast, too! Nice to meet you! ::idiot::

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