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I think it's horrible what you're doing to young children's innocent view of boy/girl relationships. As a fellow soccer mom, I really don't appreciate having to answer questions such as "Mom, what does 'He is inside you' mean?" So please stop with the sexual innuendos! (signed "Sexpot")

This person is referring to the HLH intro/entry page. Well you know what? It's not my fault you have a dirty mind! "He's inside you" doesn't mean what your dirty mind is thinking in the very least. It means, "he's a part of your soul." And people with the screenname "Sexpot" probably shouldn't throw the sexual innuendo stones. Explain to your kid what that means first, mommy.

um...hate to break it to you but Harry and Hermione will not get together. Sorry. It's just a fact. Obviously all the clues are pointing to RON and Hermione.

Thanks for apologizing. You know, I think "obvious" is becoming my least favorite word ever. And people don't really know what the word "fact" means, do they?

Hello, just wonted to ask how old are you?, because this site lookes lke it was made by a 4 year old, I also demand that you do not put this in your edited for stupedity section, ohh and you can respond, to my question, that is all I ask you to respond, because if you respond any of your insults this will not be the last time I write to you.

Oh goody. Something to look forward to. Watch out Stalker Girl! That idiot award may be getting harder to keep a hold of!

You take every tiny shred of H/Hr evidence way to seriously. If there was so much evidence in PoA, why did they have that little R/Hr hand-holding moment? I mean, they're a cute couple and all, but most of the evidence in the books and movies points to R/Hr. You have wonderful html skills, but I don't see why your wasting them on a site dedicated to such a hopeless ship.

Yes, you're right. I mean, why waste my time on something I love? I mean, really- how silly of me. What I wonder is why you guys care so much?!! If you're so sure of your ship and know I'm wasting my time... you people are like Jehovah's Witnesses; no matter how many times we tell you we aren't interested, you insist that you can "save" us. Well, no thanks. If Ron-Hermione is salvation, then I'd rather be in hell with the rest of my friends. On that note, I actually do want to say thank you-- you must be the first person who's flamed me who has actually spelled almost everything correctly. Seriously, I think that's a first. You're a God among morons!

I know this is going to be placed in the wall of stupidity, because apparently all Ron/Hermione shippers are "idiots". (Actually, no, they aren't. Sorry to hear you think so. I actually have a ton of R/Hr friends. My problem is people like you who feel the need to flame my GUESTBOOK! If you don't like my site...go away. Why are you all so obsessed with coming here??) Although, I wanted to ask you before I get bashed to not confuse Emma/Dan's chemistry with Hermione/Harry romance possibilities (I don't. In fact, I'm pretty sure none of the moments I list are from Dan and Emma's life. I'm pretty sure those are Harry and Hermione. ::rolls eyes::..) . Because, I have investigated Harry/Hermione evidence and essays analyzing every momment Harry spent with Hermione and I still don't sense a vibe of romance ever happening between them. (That's your opinion. Isn't that nice to be able to say it without a thousand people bashing you? Well, that's what happens to us when we say our opinion.) Whereas I could see something happening between Emma & Dan. Although, I have to admit if I was a Harry/Hermione shipper I'd be obsessed with this site! it is filled with all sorts of Harry/Hermione goods.

You seriously need to visit the FAQ. And try visiting my site to find out why I want Harry and Hermione. I don't say anywhere that they'll actually get together. When will people get this??? And Dan and Emma have nothing to do with Harry and Hermione's chemistry. People need to understand that. The moments I list are just as valid and just as true as the ones perceived by R/Hr shippers to be real. It's my interpretation just as R/Hr is yours.

You have the best site on earth! NOT! H/Hr? Bleah! I only came here bcuz at mugglenet, it said there was some video from filming HPatGOF, but I dont seem 2 c it. I sent this site 2 my best friend, and she'll love it. Why r there so many R/Hr ppl coming here, 2 flame u of course, and dont say I have bad english bcuz, I just like doing things the short way. It saves a lot of time. And seriously, get a life you Jack-assed bitch. Sorry, my friends just put me in a bad mood, so excuse me if u please WHORE!

George W. ...is that you?

BUT ISN'T It OBVIOUS RON AND HERMIONE ARE DESTINED!?!Please e-mail why ya'll think differently.

Um, no.

Hey I'm a fan of the Harry books and movies too, but come on. I hope that this is just a side hobby for you and not a life work. There are lots of other great things in the world, you shouldn't dedicate your time to fictional characters.

Just as you shouldn't bother mailing me to tell me so.

hello, i was reaing your version of the scenes from the 2nd harry potter book. it disgusts me that you would turn a movie and book into a work of disgustingness. why would you write things like you did. please stop this.. its very mean.. and sad.

You know what else is sad? Someone who feels the need to mail me with dumb-assed comments like this.

well i'd just like to say that your site sucks!!! harry DOES NOT love hermione. and all the sappy stuff on the site makes me want to vomit blood. i feel like i want to kill myself after seeing your site. THat's all I wanted to say. Thank you.

Two words: follow through.

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