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Hold on to your denial. It's all you have. It's sad that a person can read so much into a friendship. Do you do this in real life too? If so, I feel sorry for your friends.
From a die hard R/Hr shipper.
P.S. There's no way this can end up on Edited for Stupidity, right? But if so, LOL!!! Now that would be hilarious!!!!!!

You got your wish, jackass! I mean, to care so much... Say what I want about flamers but you folks sure are dedicated! Congrat's on being an ignorant fool!

oh my god! how can you say that harry loves hermione, thats not true at all, hermione and ron are going to get together, you guys obviously havent read the books, or you would know that, and if you have read them, it means that you are very dumb! :(

Okay, I know I asked people to learn how to use commas, but this is a little overboard. Again...above and beyond the call of idiocy.

I just thought I would let you know I think it is going to Jenny 'n' Harry and Ron 'n' Hermione... but that is just me...

Thanks for letting me know. I'll have to look out for that Jenny character...

Hey HH fans! I would just like to say you call us RHR fans Morans, Idiots, and Stupid. Well takes one to know one! And I admit I am crazy and sometimes Moranic. But hey at least i Tell the Truth!

You certainly do.

This site is hilarious! Harry and Hermione definitely will NOT end up together- you should make a www.ronloveshermione.com- now THAT's guaranteed to happen! I took one glimpse at the home page and laughed my head off- it's ridiculous! You make it seem like these characters are nonfictitious people- what next, emmalovesdaniel.com? Please, give me a break...

There is a ronloveshermione.com, actually. Someone just asked my permission to use that name and I was happy to let them. Glad to see you'll have somewhere else to go now with your idiocy. : )

Okay...The thing is that even if the movies do show a H/Hr relationship forming that dosen't mean anything. JKR does not write the movie script, so they tend to wander from the plot or leave out key events (i.e. when Harry did not get the firebolt until the end of the third movie, or Lupin never explaining who Wormtail, Moony, Padfoot and Prongs were to Harry) As a result, looking for evidance of a H/Hr relationship in the movie would be pointless, as they have nothing to do with the books. You have to look at JKR's works to try and guess what she will do next, and all the evidance in the books points to a R/Hr relationshiop.

Wow, I've never thought of that! I mean, no one's ever told me HHr won't happen before. Thanks for opening my eyes!

I can't believe you think that!!! Ron likes hermione and hermione likes him back! BUT SHE DOESN'T LIKE HARRY!!!! READ THE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!! btw when are you putting the gof pictures back up? neways i love this site there is alot of info!! Thankies!

Um, split personality much? I can't even begin... Good luck there, Sybil.

Ok.. here's the thing-- this site is really well done; it must have taken a lot of time and effort to put up and it looks really nice! one problem though, all of the evidence from the books, movies and JKR's interviews lead up to a Ron and Hermione romance. I know that this isn't what you and all the other H/Hr shippers want to hear and I respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but really, I must say that it's quite obvious, in my opinion at least, that Ron and Hermione will end up together in the end. Hermione and Harry do love each other, don't get me wrong--but as JKR said it's really a platonic relationship. I think that even though I'll admit that they would look cute together; Harry loves Hermione as a sister and Hermione loves Harry as a brother. Harry doesn't get jealous of Viktor and Hermione--ever. Harry didn't blush or get totally zoned out when Hermione kissed him on the cheek. Harry didn't try to curse Malfoy with slugs when he called Hermione a Mudblood. I could go on and on. All of that was Ron. and Hermione has showed signs of liking Ron as well such as getting jealous of Fleur when she kissed Ron on the cheek and stuff..that was all evidence.. I'd really like to see some actual evidence for a h/hr romance..if I did, I would consider the matter... I'm not trying to offend anyone.. I'm just stating my opinion on the matter.

But why must you do it at a Harry and Hermione site??? You know I don't agree with you so what is the point of doing this? This is the question that I still haven't gotten a good answer to. Because there's no reason to do this unless you just want to start trouble. And on a freaking guestbook no less!!! How can people still not realize how idiotic this is???

wow, ur site ROCKS! especially da GOF filming pics!!!!! but theres just 1 little thing i dont like here...RON LOVES HERMIONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND SHE LOVES HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well other than that one little thing...

Hey! I must say that your site is really good! Nice lay and there are many interesting things to read. But you know that this H/Hr thing is never gonna happen? It's just impossible because Hermione loves Ron (or she will love him) and Harry isn't stupid enough to fall in love with anybody! He has other more important things to do. And love is a huge commitment and needs to be cared for. Besides JKR said that Hermione will end up with Ron. She needs a person like him not like Harry. But I know that She and Harry will be always very close friends maybe even closer than R/Hr. Anyway... Really great site, keep it up but dont be disappointed when it turns out that R/Hr shippers were right! :) Best wishes!

And how dare I think otherwise, huh? And you're right- Harry doesn't deserve to have love in his life, what with all the stuff he's probably going to have to deal with. I mean, he should die alone and not have to worry about taking care of anyone. Because God knows Hermione can't take care of herself...poor little woman that she is.


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