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this site is dumb because harry will never like hermione like that

Thanks for your astute opinion.

This site is crap! harry does NOT like hermione! their just close friends. you can have a best friend from a different gender you Know! And Hermione is way more into Ron, they have a love hate relationship. Harry and Hermione don't have a thing and they never will!

Wow, I'm glad you managed to crawl out from under your rock to let the world know.

he does not fancy hermione he fancys cho chang so fuck u ure website is crap (x100)

This idiot actually took the time to type that last line 100 times. What. A. Retard.

ARE YOU NUTS. Can you see you web site? the cover page gave me the creeps and harry and hermione are not lovers! you have the right to your opinion but i cant see where you came up with this. I know you are going to be outraged with my objection to you (very well done by the way) website, but insted of sending me hatemail for the rest of my life, email me back telling me why you think that harry and hermione are lovers.

I wish I had time to be as dumb as you, but alas.

I dare anyone to email me! Wellz lets see I like your Pics for the fourth movie but there were only THREE. Gosh can't you get more! What is up with you never having pics of Rupert. Don't you know he is everyones favorite red head. (he is one sexy daddy to me) You make him look so unimportant. I hate all the pics you have of Daniel and Emma. They are all over each other and in some pictures you should pay attention to where she puts her hands! The pictures aren't very becoming of her. She looks like SLUT. She is one of my least favorite person. She always acts goofy and dorky or looks dorky on some of her pics. She is so lucky that she is always with my two favorite men (Daniel, Rupert...ok I can't leave Tom out either)Anywho...don't you know that in the books and in the third movie that they trie to play out a little romance between Ron and Hermione (or however you spell it) In the books they always argue like an old married couple and Ron is always over protective of her. Harry and Hermione just have a brother sister relationship. I think Ginny and Harry would make a good couple. I thought ya'll stupid people would know that but I guess I under estimated your brain capabilty (probably spelled that wrong too but I don't give a shit)Goodbye my dear friends and I hope you have found the light.

I just have no hope for the human race anymore.

hey kate ummm so mugglenet linked me to ur website...thought it be interesting. im proud to say that im a huge ron and hermione shipper. so I was curious about how u backed up the whole harry hermione thing.....all ur evidence is not evidence theyre stupid... all the quotes and signs are things done for a best friend... don't lie to urself.....and mostly every evidence u say about the movies is "u have to slow the movie down to see it"..or "no one notices but....." also does harry ever get jeolous of hermione and krum.. hint hint the yule ball....he didn't even care, ron got extremely jealouse and at the end of the chapter she tells ron he shouldve asked her and what did harry say .. exactly.... U might say ohhhh they cant end up together they always bicker... but that's called sexual tension they like eachother and don't admit it even harry say they always sound like mr and mrs weasley... jk rowling has even said harry and hermione are platonic friends ..... Dan radcliff has said that the most foreshadowing thing is ron hermione so has rowling in dvd extras..... plus its ginny and harry have u seen james exactly like harry and have you seen lily exactly like ginny even dumbledor said ho w harry and ginny will always be connected..... oh yeah remember when cho kissed harry hermonie was happy for him.... if u wanna keep debating email me and believe me ill win

No, that's okay. I mean, I don't think I could ever hope to compare to your brilliance.

Harry may love Hermione which in the book he never has those kinds of feelings for hermione just in the 4th when he notices a very pretty girl with krum but hermione though obviously likes ron duh

That's one interesting sentence right there.


The Hell?

Hi, I just wanted to say that this site is really really wrong. Ron and Hermione belong together not Harry Hermione. Did you wake up one morning and decide that you wanted to brainwash everyone into thinking the wrong thing. You well seriously burn in hell for what you have done. I was put to tears when I saw the things on site site. You disgust me..


Okay, here we go again. Can you just for a minute step out of your safe little HHr world and listen to my reasonable logic? [reasonable...sure.] If Ron and Hermione get together, everything works out perfectly. Harry gets Luna, Draco gets Ginny [Um, okay. When did that happen?]. BUT, if Harry and Hermione get together...Draco gets Luna (Again, did Malfoy suddenly turn nice and everyone is in some sort of weird romantic mood?) and Ron gets...Ginny? [You see the logic here, people? She knows full well that Ron could get Luna and Malfoy could get Ginny (even though I find this all very strange. Why does everyone have to pair up?), or maybe no one gets anyone. But that's not how these people work. You see, since they have no real argument against me, they need to make them up as they go along. It's so interesting!] Please tell me you're not serious, Kate. [I just love how people somehow think they know what I want. It's so weird, isn't it? It's like they create these little examples in their mind to use whenever they want to try and piss me off. But they realize that nothing they say really will, and then they realize that they really have no argument. So they have to make one up. Whallah! I'll decide that I know what Kate wants! And it will all be crazy!] Now, on a more positive note, I read through your entire site, and these are the conclusions I have drawn from it: 1) You have absolutely no guy friends, or else you would know how friendships of opposite genders work. 2) Your husband probably doesn't get very physical with you, which is why you think that Hermione grabbing Harry's arm is enough to give him an erection. 3) Well, I can't say you're young, because you're a college student. All I can say is that you are an immature girl who desperately needs to grow up and see the world in it's true cruel beauty. [Oh yes. I'm the immature one.] ~Look, when we were younger, it was so icky to hug a boy, or even sit within a few feet of one. So you go on and on about the kiss at the end of GoF. [Hahaha what's funny is this person hasn't gone through the site. Again, you see how she/he/it has to make things up as she goes along? It's really crazy! I want to do a paper on these people because, honestly, they make a good case study.] Don't you realize that it is a sign of the two friends maturing, that they feel comfortable enough doing it, knowing that neither of them will misinterpret it the way you did? [Did I? So since I said flat out that that moment didn't really mean much, then you must think that it meant a lot... according to your logic, that is.] Look, Gerald, face the truth. Ron and Hermione are destined to be together and your silly little HHr fantasies will not prevent that. That's all I wanted to say. Goodbye for now. Make good choices!

Wow. I know you think you were being smart here (which is sad as it is), but you'll have to be a bit more clever when you're trying to fool my readers. I know that's hard. It's hard to be rude, clever and annoying all at the same time. Especially for a monkey. "They're destined to be together..." Jesus H Christ. Every once in a while a mail comes along that reminds me of how overboard people take this. Anyone that goes that far... you really need to think about taking some time off from the series. If it's all that encompassing for you and you're compelled to write to people and making up all these wild fantasy conspiracies that are all in your mind. I mean, wow. This was one of the worst. I've had people write to me before with comments talking about what they think they know about me, but this was really out there. Scary!

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