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Okay, I first of all want to say that your site rocks my world because it is one of the saddest, lamest, most pathetic excuses for a life on the net that I've seen. (Wait...it rocks your world, and you hate it? Someone didn't take their schizo pills today) You said about when Lupin is about to attack harry and hermione that harry shields her with himself, and you only do that when you love someone. First of all, you would know this how..? Has your lover shielded you from a warewolf before? (Hmm...are you trying to spell werewolf? Cause I don't think I've ever heard of a 'warewolf.' :::Idiot caveman/monkey flamer voice:: Typing hard. Keyboard bad.) Next, friends love eachother, 'nuff said. (Soooo you're agreeing with me that he loves her then? You're contradicting yourself here. ::Idiot caveman/monkey flamer voice:: Wait... Confused... Shiny screen...Bad!) Your comments anywhere just piss me off, whether they're about being cute, or halfass replies to stuff people sent into about your bullshit site. I have also noticed that whenever someone asked you "what if harry and hermione dont turn out to be in love?" You never answer, but use some halfass diss to cover it up and get the attention away from you. So, I'm asking you now, and if you dont answer, I know you really cant back up what the fuck you're saying. WHAT IF HARRY AND HERMIONE TRULY ARENT IN LOVE, AND BY THE END OF THE HARRY POTTER SERIES THEY ARE NOT LOVERS? (Hmm...won't care?! Yep, that would be the answer. That being said, I hope everyone can go here and donate money for the Literacy Volunteers of America, just for people out there that can't read, like this person. Since the answer to that question is all over my site. Like here, and here, and if you missed the BLARING BOLD LINK AT THE TOP OF EVERY EFS PAGE...here... Of course, I understand that not having opposable thumbs makes surfing a website difficult. I know...::Computer hard.::) And all of your lameass excuses for work was for nothing? (How did you know about my work excuses??! Have you been talking to my boss? You sneaky little monkey, you...) I think I might post the GoF pics on another site, just to piss you off. (Good luck with that!) You need a life so badly, and if somebody sees this site, it's a great way to ensure you dont ever get pregnant again.

P.S Is your only diss "monkey" ? If so, you need a life.

Hmm, well, I guess I'd have more of a life if people like you stopped mailing me, wouldn't I?

hey how r ya h/hr shippers should dream on coz harry loves cho and ron and hermione loves each other get it through ur headz gezeeee

Net-Speakers are sooo cool!

ok a think dat your website fake is emma don't loe daniel a know emma en daniel p.s. sent back to (e-mail address omitted to protect the ignorant)

Um, what???

this is jk rowling. this site is absolutely wrong and i demand that you change it to ron loves hermione because ron does love hermione and harry shares platonic love with hermione. oh, and the fan fics are gross.

Oh joy, another one of these...

OMG, wtf is up with u??? don't u get it??? Ur planing on 10 whole pages for "people like me?" LOL! U have just got to be kidding me. I mean, why do u even put e-mails like that on your site? Don't u get it? Harry and Herminone is never gonna happen, and I mean never. And many, many people, have proved u wrong, girl, as you've showen us people with sense.
Really, I don't get why u keep on supporting that relatinonship that isn't gonna happen.
If u do have a reason, though, get back to me, I might sleep well again if there's a logical explanation to all this crap. Thanks for your time, and I hope u don't ever tell your kid u started all this, I mean, I'm pretty sure you're gonna die of embarassement after books 6 and 7. Btw, as soon as u change ur mind, close down ur site, because it's gonna take some load of time to delete all those e-mails you'll be getting once it's officially proven in writing that Ron and Hermione like each other.

Well there's 2 minutes of my life I'll never get back...

Ok, in the movie it seems like Hermione and Harry where flirting a little, but it doesn't matter. J.k Rowling is in charge of Harry Potter and RON AND HERMIONE ARE GOING TO GET TOGETHER U DUMBASS WHORE! GOD how ignorant can you be??? YOU SHOULD READ THE BOOKS YOU GET SOME CUM YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!!! J.K ROWLING EVEN SAID THEY WERE GETTING TOGHER!!!!! GRRRR RAWR!!! IM GONNA SEND YOU A HAT THAT WILL SHRIVIL UP UR EARS!!!

Seriously, WtF?? Notice how people start off like they're totally normal, then rip off the mask and show their evil, demon-like insanity? It's just so bi-polar!!! These people need so much medication!

I really dont think Harry loves Hermione because in interviews it has even said that somthing is going is going on between Ron and Hermione. And If you have read the 5th book somthing happends to Harry and this girl named Cho because he likes her. He never has liked hermione. And hermione has never liked him. Thanks for lisening to my Opion

Okay, this mail wasn't mean or anything, but I'd like to use it as a way to ask why people keep throwing Cho in the equation? I just don't get this. I mean, JK said it would never work out. And since everyone loves throwing JK's interviews in my face, I'll bring it up. If you still have faith in Harry and Cho despite evidence, then it shouldn't be that big of a leap to wonder why we ship for Harry and Hermione. I mean, if you like Harry and Cho, that's cool. But don't turn around and tell me how wrong I am.

Where do u get this junk ron and hermione love each other all the clues point to it.

Does it ever end?

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