So everyone knows the general plot of Harry Potter, but take a look at my version of the events of each film. This is from a slightly skewed shippers perspective. Please keep in mind this is a parody and no offense is meant to any of the actors and/or characters. There is also some bad language and adult themes that you may want the kiddies to stay away from. Contact me with comments and/or criticism. I hope you enjoy!

So Hagrid and Harry go for dinner after their shopping spree. Harry's felt like "Pretty Woman" all day.

Except Hagrid is no Richard Gere.

But then Hagrid explains to Harry about how his parents died.

How Voldemort walked right in, because Dumbledore was no where to be found.

Good job, idiot!

And how Harry's mother died to save his life.

"Damn, I was one evil looking baby."

"Tell me about it."

"So you were the only one to survive. And Voldemort died."

"No way!"


"But he's still alive. I know it!"

"Noooo Waaay!"


So what does he look like?

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